Friday, April 28, 2006


Welcome back to the third edition of "a week in phpworld" - my subjective view at the highlights that happened last week in the phpworld.

PHP's World

Ilia Alshanetsky finally released the third Release Candidate for PHP 5.1.3 on friday. Somehow confusing to me, that one can't find the fix of the security-holes that lead to the "unofficial" RC3 i reported about last week in the ChangeLog of RC3. Instead you find them in the ChangeLog of RC2 - a RC that was actually released at end of march but now is timed to 6th of april. Confused now, too? However, Ilia asked the community once more to test the RC3 as much as possible - looking to release a final version of PHP 5.1.3 this week thursday. You can find the source download as usual at Ilias and the binaries for windows at Edin's
Some other good news come from : Scott Mattocks announced a Release plan for PHP-GTK 2-alpha1 in the weekly PHP-GTK News. According to this plan, there are only three main-issues left preventing an immediately release. First there is a review for some patches needed , next some windows-bugs has to be fixed and last there is a need for update of the packaging script.


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